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How to best build a smalle libcurses for tiny crunched installers?

Hey folks,

we used to get away in tiny crunched binaries w/o most of the locale
support in libc via src/distrib/utils/libhack overriding the relevant
functions with simpler versions.

This seems to not work any more - one fallout is non buildable boot
floppies for atari and overflowing install images on sun3.

I wonder if we could build a hack version of libcurses with
DISABLE_WCHAR, or is it better to just include the relevant files from
libcurses in libhack instead?

After that I would go through a map file (e.g. for atari/floppies/install/
instbin) and add dummy wrappers to libhack for everything that still
triggers libc wide char stuff.

Suggestions? Or am I looking at the wrong place?


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