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Re: How to fix missing files in flist but missing from DESTDIR ?

> The source is: src/share/man/man8/creds_msdos.8 and it listed in the Makefile in that directory.  

My Makefile in  src/share/man/man8/   does not contain creds_msdos.8

#       $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.108 2019/03/25 19:24:30 maxv Exp $
#       from: @(#)Makefile      8.1 (Berkeley) 6/5/93

MAN=    MAKEDEV.8 MAKEDEV.local.8 afterboot.8 boot.8 compat_30.8 \
        compat_freebsd.8 compat_linux.8 \
        compat_netbsd32.8 compat_sunos.8 \
        compat_ultrix.8 diskless.8 hpcboot.8 \
        intro.8 nis.8 pam.8 rc.8 rc.subr.8 rescue.8 \
        sysinst.8 veriexec.8 \
MLINKS+=MAKEDEV.8 makedev.8
MLINKS+=MAKEDEV.local.8 makedev.local.8
MLINKS+=compat_netbsd32.8 netbsd32.8
MLINKS+=nis.8 yp.8
MLINKS+=rc.8 rc.d.8
MLINKS+=rc.8 rc.local.8
MLINKS+=rc.8 rc.shutdown.8

SUBDIR= man8.acorn32 man8.alpha man8.amiga man8.atari \
        man8.cobalt man8.dreamcast man8.emips man8.evbarm \
        man8.hp300 man8.hpcarm man8.hpcmips man8.hpcsh man8.hppa \
        man8.mac68k man8.macppc \
        man8.mvme68k man8.next68k man8.pmax man8.prep man8.sandpoint \
        man8.sgimips man8.sparc man8.sparc64 man8.sun2 man8.sun3 \
        man8.vax man8.x68k man8.x86

# create MAKEDEV.8 from ../../etc/MAKEDEV.tmpl
        cd ${.CURDIR} && ${HOST_SH}

.include <>
.include <>

On Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 12:40 PM Michael Cheponis <> wrote:
Thank you.  I'll have a look.

It's possible it's somehow related to the machine, which is RPi 3B+
NetBSD S.Culver.Net 8.99.45 NetBSD 8.99.45 (GENERIC) #0: Sun Jun 16 11:05:58 UTC 2019 evbarm

What I've been doing whenever some failure occurs is:

cvs update -dP; ./ -u release kernel=GENERIC 

in the hopes that, eventually, something will get fixed upstream that will make this 'go away'.  That's not happened so far.

Thanks again,

On Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 12:29 PM Martin Husemann <> wrote:
On Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 12:06:40PM -0700, Michael Cheponis wrote:
> > Do you have any special MK* variables in /etc/mk.conf or passed to
> >
> >
> *S# cat /etc/mk.conf*
> *cat: /etc/mk.conf: No such file or directory*
> The build line is:  *./ -u release kernel=GENERIC*

Then the question is why it did not build the files (as it does for everyone
else). The source is: src/share/man/man8/creds_msdos.8 and it listed in
the Makefile in that directory.


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