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Re: device-specific "vdpau" support?

Rhialto <> wrote:
>On Sat 29 Jun 2019 at 20:55:16 +0000, wrote:
>> Supposedly it's even more efficient video decoding, but I didn't do a
>> comparison (It would be pretty easy to do, since pkgsrc mesa does build
>> VDPAU).
>With the Linux I now have on my Pinebook, there are vdpau drivers for
>the graphics chipset, but no "regular" acceleration. As a result, video
>players can play 1080p videos perfectly, as long as you don't try to use
>anything GUI-ish, because that is still slow as molasses...

Linux on the Pinebook should be able to have accelerated graphics. You
may need to add some binary blobs for the GPU to enable it.

The Pinebook SoC has video decoder hardware that is separate from the
Mali GPU. We probably need to decide which API to support for it.

I suspect the efficiency depends on whether you are doing both decode
and display in hardware or GPU software or whether the main CPU is doing
the decode part.

Latest x11 has broken accelerated video playback on my one Intel GPU
system, it used to have a working XV driver.

Might be worth documenting which GPU models use particular acceleration
methods to know what has been tested.

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