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Re: What to do with base X11 for netbsd-9 ?

Hi there,

for me netbsd-current as of yesterday with an upto date xsrc looks
stable (light desktop use and a quick check of glxgears which runs

Hardware consists of a ryzen 7 2700 and an amd radeon,
OLAND (0x1002:0x6613 0x1043:0x0543).


* Martin Husemann <>:
> Hey folks,
> I would like to get your feedback about the current state of the base X11,
> as there have been lots of threads about various issues and I have lost
> the overview of what works in -current and what does not.
> We *really* need to branch netbsd-9 very soon now, and it is unclear (at
> least to me) what should happen to the in-tree X11 version.
>  - we have very obvious display bugs at first sight in xdm
>  - self hosting builds on 4 GB amd64 machines are not really possible
>    any more (due to LLVM runtime dependencies, which can not even be
>    disabled at build time right now)
>  - reports here (and on other lists) about display problems and success
>    stories have no clear winner (but probably due to me losing track)
> So what is you story/opinion: is base X11 usable in -current? If not,
> what needs to be done or what hardware needs fixes?
> Martin

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