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Re: What to do with base X11 for netbsd-9 ?

Hi Martin,

On 5/29/19 9:12 AM, Martin Husemann wrote:
I would like to get your feedback about the current state of the base X11,
as there have been lots of threads about various issues and I have lost
the overview of what works in -current and what does not.

We*really*  need to branch netbsd-9 very soon now, and it is unclear (at
least to me) what should happen to the in-tree X11 version.

  - we have very obvious display bugs at first sight in xdm
  - self hosting builds on 4 GB amd64 machines are not really possible
    any more (due to LLVM runtime dependencies, which can not even be
    disabled at build time right now)
  - reports here (and on other lists) about display problems and success
    stories have no clear winner (but probably due to me losing track)

So what is you story/opinion: is base X11 usable in -current? If not,
what needs to be done or what hardware needs fixes?

sorry to jump in late - I had "real work" distracting me to do test builds and also I had issues of building current since weeks.

With a trick, I completed tools, kernel and whole distribution with X.

First, the build was done on amd64 dual-core and I don't have more than 4GB of RAM. It takes now an extreme amount of time though.

I start X from console (no xdm) and run windowmaker and see terrible artefacts: the background gets black on mouse operations, just opening the menu makes them jump (black blocks on the blue background) and even scrolling through the menus makes them repeatedly flicker, an incredible mess. Opening xterm and moving the window caused unrelated parts of the screen becoming black...

However, once I did rebuild windowmaker, they disappeared! I assume thus some kind of binary incomaptibility? Maybe other too need some rebuild some packages? Some incompatibility was perhaps introduced compared to current of some months ago.


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