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Re: ipv6 broken

On 13/05/2019 03:00, Christos Zoulas wrote:
dhcpcd says:

May 13 01:47:01 [79]: wm0: ipv6_start: Can't assign requested address

dhcpcd should say duplicated adddress based on the below, but that's just cosmetic really.

Kernel says:

[    13.119958] wm0: link state DOWN (was UNKNOWN)
[    16.261560] wm0: link state UP (was DOWN)
[    17.283056] wm0: DAD duplicate address fe80:1::56bf:64ff:fe92:10c8 from 00:17:10:87:19:87:46:66
[    17.283056] wm0: possible hardware address duplication detected, disable IPv6
[    17.426267] wm1: link state UP (was UNKNOWN)
[    17.427269] Cannot enable an interface with a link-local address marked duplicate.

Assuming this is -current either our nonce code it is broken or there really is a duplicate address from hardware address 00:17:10:87:19:87:46:66

Regardless, we need more data.


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