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Re: /usr/tests/modules usage

> On Apr 5, 2019, at 11:51 PM, Paul Goyette <> wrote:
> It seemts to me that the original intent of this directory was for
> "things that [help] test the modules system".  But recently we seem
> to have acquired at least a couple entries here which are "module-
> that-help-test-other-things".

I originally but the thread pool test harness module in the kern/ subdirectory, but then it got moved.


I'll happily put it wherever it's decided it should go, but the reason for using a module for ufetchstore rather than rump is that the point is specifically to execute the machine-dependent bits, and that can't be done with rump.

The thread pool module can probably be removed because I added a rump-based test for that later.

-- thorpej

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