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Re: mcelog?

On Mar 20,  2:12pm, Brian Buhrow wrote:
} 	hello.   Does the server on which you're running Xen have a BMC
} controller that keeps track of hardware conditions and the like?  If it
} does, then, if mcelog is too hard to port, you might be able to get the
} details you want from ipmitool through the BMC.

     This might be a useful approach.  Not sure why I didn't think
about it.  On that note, I really wish that our ipmi(4) was a lot
more useful (all it does is get info for envstat, it can't be used
to configure or talk to the BMC).

} 	To answer your question, it looks like mcelog has been ported to
} FreeBSD, with some limitations.  However, if I remember correctly, there
} needs to be some support in the kernel for trapping and logging the mce
} errors and I'm not sure the NetBSD kernel does that.

     I did note the presence of /dev/mcelog on Linux with nothing
that corresponds on NetBSD.  It is interesting that FreeBSD has
support and that might be a good place to start; however, porting
FreeBSD device drivers can be a lot of work.

} On Mar 20, 11:22am, John Nemeth wrote:
} } Subject: mcelog?
} }      I originally posted this on port-amd64, but didn't get any
} } response, so now trying a list with a wider audience.
} } 
} }      One of my Xen hosts has been getting this error a lot:
} } 
} } (XEN) Bank 4: 945a4000fd080813 at        ef3581180
} } (XEN) MCE: polling routine found correctable error.  Use mcelog to parse above e
} } rror output.
} } 
} }      My research tells me that "mcelog" is a Linux program for
} } reading and interpreting the MCE registers.  Do we have anything
} } like mcelog or anyway to read MCE errors?  If not, any idea what
} } it would take to port mcelog?  It appears to need a device called,
} } /dev/mcelog.
} } 
} }      In any event, if I'm reading the above correctly, I believe
} } that it is telling that there is bad memory?
} >-- End of excerpt from John Nemeth
}-- End of excerpt from Brian Buhrow

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