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Re: mcelog?

	hello.   Does the server on which you're running Xen have a BMC
controller that keeps track of hardware conditions and the like?  If it
does, then, if mcelog is too hard to port, you might be able to get the
details you want from ipmitool through the BMC.

	To answer your question, it looks like mcelog has been ported to
FreeBSD, with some limitations.  However, if I remember correctly, there
needs to be some support in the kernel for trapping and logging the mce
errors and I'm not sure the NetBSD kernel does that.

On Mar 20, 11:22am, John Nemeth wrote:
} Subject: mcelog?
}      I originally posted this on port-amd64, but didn't get any
} response, so now trying a list with a wider audience.
}      One of my Xen hosts has been getting this error a lot:
} (XEN) Bank 4: 945a4000fd080813 at        ef3581180
} (XEN) MCE: polling routine found correctable error.  Use mcelog to parse above e
} rror output.
}      My research tells me that "mcelog" is a Linux program for
} reading and interpreting the MCE registers.  Do we have anything
} like mcelog or anyway to read MCE errors?  If not, any idea what
} it would take to port mcelog?  It appears to need a device called,
} /dev/mcelog.
}      In any event, if I'm reading the above correctly, I believe
} that it is telling that there is bad memory?
>-- End of excerpt from John Nemeth

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