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Re: Panic on current on mac68k

On 2019/02/25 18:02, Martin Husemann wrote:
On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 09:33:36PM +0000, John Klos wrote:
On a Quadra 605 which has been running netbsd-8 without issues for ages, it
seems -current isn't happy. I don't see any obvious recent changes which
might cause this. Ideas?

My Quadra runs 8.99.34 from Feb 18 just fine -
but that is with Rin's scsi patches. Rin, anything preventing you from
commiting that?

I was going to revive the patch according to input from tsutsui,
but it is stalled due to strange kernel crashes.

Martin, do you use GENERIC? GENERIC kernel with and without
the patch does not work on my Quadra 840AV. I observe what you
reported before:

Strangely enough, it crashes in other places and other ways,
depending on source date, kernel config file, compiler versions,
and compile options: illegal instruction, FPU trap, or MMU fault.

And crashes do not occur for some combinations.

I tried to narrow the problem down by dropping lines from GENERIC,
but the behavior changed randomly. I also tried to bisect it, but
I cannot yet :-(.

Even for netbsd-8, kernel can crash if config file is modified from

I have not observed such crashes on my amiga with 68060. I wonder
whether other ports with 68040 works or not.


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