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Re: lockdebug kernel instacrash when npf enabled

Tobias Nygren <> wrote:
> > Enabling NPF.
> > [  22.6038371] panic: kernel debugging assertion
> > "pserialize_not_in_read_section()" failed: file
> > "/work/src/sys/kern/kern_mutex.c", line 527 [  22.7529500] cpu0: Begin
> > traceback... [  22.7976654] 0x99deba54: netbsd:db_panic+0x14
> > [  22.8465447] 0x99deba6c: netbsd:vpanic+0x194 [  22.8985454]
> > 0x99deba84: netbsd:__aeabi_uldivmod [  22.9505468] 0x99debb04:
> > netbsd:mutex_enter+0x5f4 [  22.9994280] 0x99debb4c:
> > netbsd:npf_table_lookup+0x134 [  23.0597517] 0x99debb74:
> <...>
> r1.29 of npf_tableset.c changed t_lock from IPL_NET to IPL_NONE.
> Based on the above it looks like it needs to be at IPL_SOFTNET.
> @rmind you could please have a look?

It is a bug, but only one aspect of it.  Yes, the mutex can be IPL_SOFTNET,
but it actually behaves more or less as IPL_NONE.  The real bug is that the
code path in question might block.  There are a few ways to fix this:

- Convert the mutex to spin-lock at IPL_NET (but it is excessive) and
convert the memory allocations in that code path to KM_NOSLEEP.

- Extend pserialize(9) by implementing Sleepable RCU (SRCU) or equivalent.

- Sprinkle psref(9), but that is ugly and undesirable in the long-term.

I have not had free time to work on a solution yet, but I hope to fix
this soonish and commit with a next batch of the NPF fixes/improvements.

Meanwhile, if you want to run with LOCKDEBUG until this gets fixed, then
as a workaround I can suggest to comment out that assert as you are very
unlikely to hit the crash condition of this bug; it can only happen when
you perform NPF reload, plus you need to be unlucky enough to have the
relevant mutex (used only for LPM-type tables) contended and blocking.


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