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re: README: gcc 7 switch coming to a port near you!

matthew green writes:
> Andreas Gustafsson writes:
> > Some days ago, matthew green wrote:
> > > hopefully the sparc testbed will fix itself now.
> > 
> > It did, but MIPS is suffering from what looks like the same issue
> yeah - i commited the hack for it already, but i think i've just 
> found all the real fixes -- upstream's version of joerg's patch
> to gcc/varasm.c plus additional fixes.
> with this, crtbegin.o has a read-only .eh_frame, and libstdc++
> builds sanely.
> i'll be running some local tests before reverting any crunchgen
> changes, so hold off any ramdisk etc size bumps for now.

OK, i believe all these problems are resolved, as is the
problem wiz reported about mpd.

i'll probably switch the 32 bit arm ports soon.

that will leave: hppa (untested, builds), ia64 and powerpc64
(both have build issues so aren't testable), m68k (maybe
ready?), sh3 (builds, not heavily tested), and vax (has a
probelm with dynamic binaryes, but static and /rescue work),
of the ports that currently build.

riscv is also up and coming toolchain and userland.


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