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Re: ThinkPad - suspend-to-RAM intel-x86 issues and tests

On Sat, 1 Dec 2018 at 01:27, SAITOH Masanobu <> wrote:
> Committed.

Hi - is this worth pulling up into netbsd-8?

I ran a quick test and my T420s suspends/resumes fine with a netbsd-8
kernel and no X11 running. x11 looks to have issues which seem
resolved in current, but it feels like a worthwhile fix to have in -8.

It needed two other small changes pulled up (git hashes from
# 5fca1fb34425590e514f0d745f936998fded9c18 PCIE_HAS_LINKREGS
# 3fe2d92356e154aef689fc05111ac422c89c0785 PCIE_HAS_ROOTREGS
# 2e6fa7a8bbdd4df652e4cfb605385ff915176cbe suspend/resume

Sample kernel at
if anyone wants to give it a quick go.

(Many thanks again to msaitoh@ for all the work in analysing and
fixing this - its really nice to have some fully functional
suspend/resume use cases (eg :T420s with external mouse :)


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