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Re: ThinkPad - suspend-to-RAM intel-x86 issues and tests

On Sun, 25 Nov 2018 at 21:11, David Brownlee <> wrote:
> I've bisected the changes against the github src copy, and it looks like the suspend/resume issue is related to the following commit:
> commit 0fe469276f49bf0dc003300e0b8a35a80b7b246d (HEAD)
> Author: jdolecek <>
> Date:   Mon Oct 22 20:57:07 2018 +0000
>     enable MSI support where available, blatantly copied from jmcneill's msk(4)
> I tried building from HEAD with just that one commit reverted, and my T420s suspends and resumes again!
> iwn0 is still non responsive after resume and wm0 will not pick up an IP via dhcpcd, but the disk responds :-p

So.... it turns out I'm as affective at off-by-one errors in git
bisect as I am in coding... :/

It turns out the commit with the issue was:

commit 1628082c6b882d064bd5d77e5847c42b44b59fde (HEAD, refs/bisect/bad)
Author: jdolecek <>
Date:   Mon Oct 22 21:04:53 2018 +0000

    enable MSI support where available

M       sys/dev/pci/ahcisata_pci.c



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