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Re: "dmesg -T" date doesn't match "date" output

On Sunday 2018-10-28 08:32 +0700, Robert Elz output:
:I don't suppose that your ToD clock is 6 seconds incorrect, and
:ntpdate run from /etc/rc is fixing that (but the ToD clock isn't being
:updated) ?
:if it is not that, then you're right, something weird is happening.

I'm running the same -current build on two x64 machines.  One is a VM
and the other is bare-metal.  I'm rebuilding in case something funny
happened in the build and noone else can reproduce anything similar.

The ntpdate in /var/run/rc.log said it updated 0.3 secs and both machines
had time differences of 5-6 secs between dmesg / date commands.


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