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Build fails for kernels w/cd(4) but w/o wd(4)

Following the ncqfixes branch merge, one of my kernel configs fails
as follows:

--- wdc.o ---
/x/current/src/sys/dev/ic/wdc.c:138:1: error: missing initializer for field 'ata_recovery' of 'const struct ata_bustype' [-Werror=missing-field-initializers]
In file included from /x/current/src/sys/dev/ic/wdc.c:90:0:
/x/current/src/sys/dev/ata/atavar.h:376:9: note: 'ata_recovery' declared here
  void (*ata_recovery)(struct ata_channel *, int, uint32_t);
cc1: all warnings being treated as errors
*** [wdc.o] Error code 1

nbmake: stopped in /r0/build/current/obj/amd64/sys/arch/amd64/compile/FARADAY

Like a number (all amd64 and all but one i386) of my configs, this config
elides "wdc(4)" with:

# FARADAY - DELL PowerEdge 1850
include 	"arch/amd64/conf/GENERIC"
no wdc* 	at pcmcia?
no wdc0 	at isa?
no wdc1 	at isa?

with no ill effect (but why does it still try to build this object?).
This particular config goes on to elide "wd(4)":

no wd* 	at atabus?

as, at the time the config was developed, the machine would hang probing
for non-existent IDE/ATA/SATA hard disks (machine has only SCSI disks and
only IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM drive).  Likewise, all non-CDROM ATA/ATAPI devices
are elided as well.

Restoring "wd(4)" by commenting out the elision allows it to build.  I
have not had the machine operating for some time, so I don't know if it
still hangs probing for non-existent IDE/ATA hard disks.

If I can manage to set it up again, I'll see how it behaves.

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