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Re: Panic with recent -current with interrupt setup

On 2018/10/03 5:47, Brad Spencer wrote: writes:

On Tue, Oct 02, 2018 at 06:55:48AM -0400, Brad Spencer wrote:

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this, but I am getting panics on
boot during probe with sources after 2018-09-23 [at some point, at least
2018-09-29 and 2018-10-01 panic, but 2018-09-23 doesn't].  This is with
trying to use the stock XEN3_DOM0 kernel on a new system I am setting
up.  The panics seem related to setting up interrupts or printing
interrupt information in the intel wm(4) driver.  The system in question
does not have a serial port on it in any form, but I can probably
capture a screen shot of the panic.  The keyboard works and ddb seems

I assume this is related to cherry's recent xen interrupt work.
If you're unable to type at the ddb prompt but can reproduce the crash,
but can see the output, it'd be interesting to see if it gives more
info with

  options 	DDB_COMMANDONENTER="bt"

As a kernel option.

But having the panic string would be nice too.

Here is more information:

Screen shot of the panic:

Screen shot of the ddb bt command, sorry for the quality:

Hopefully I also managed to attach a couple of files that are of a
working NetBSD dmesg and a working xl dmesg.  The Xen version I am using
is 4.8.3 built from source pulled from HEAD on Saturday or so.

This system is pretty new.  It has a 4 core Ryzen CPU, 16GB memory.  A
two port Intel NIC is also present, that would be wm0 and wm1 in the
dmesg.  The motherboard has a Intel NIC on it as well, which is wm2.

If I do a dmesg in ddb I can get the reason for the panic:

panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "irq2vect[irq] == 0" failed: file"/usr/src/sys/arch/xen/x86/pintr.c", line 202

It looks like this may have triggered on the onboard wm2 interface.

Try to revert x86/pci/pci_intr_machdep.c rev. 1.45:

                SAITOH Masanobu (

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