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Re: netboot ThinkPad T42 stuck setting tty flags?

On Fri, 22 Jun 2018, John D. Baker wrote:

> Lately, when I netboot my ThinkPad T42 with -current (8.99.19), it seems
> to get stuck right after the rc scripts print:
>   Setting tty flags.
> So far, the only way to recover from this is to drop into DDB with
> Ctrl-Alt-Esc.
> If I boot single-user and simply exit the single-user shell, multi-user
> boot completes (does not get stuck).

I had not updated my "/etc/pf.boot.conf" to account for -current switching
to NFS over TCP by default.  My NFS rules allowed only UDP.  With the
appropriate changes, the host boots normally again.

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