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Re: Radeon video card support

On Wed, 20 Jun 2018, Jonathan A. Kollasch wrote:

An RX580 is going to be too new for our version of drmkms.

I'm not quite sure where the cutoff is for Radeons.  Good Linux
support sometimes lags behind a cards marketplace debut.
src/doc/3RDPARTY says we've got a drmkms that's circa Linux 3.15,
which was released June 8, 2014.

So, cards that did not yet exist at that point almost certainly will
not work well.  Some old chips/cards may have gotten rebadged with
newer marketing names, but these are a bit of a support gray area.

OK, that makes sense.

So perhaps I should reword my inquiry a bit, and ask for suggestions on which video cards folks would recommend. I don't need "gaming", but it would be nice to have support for 2D and 3D acceleration. Also the card needs to support 1920x1080@60Hz with DL-DVI or HDMI output. Hopefully available via Amazon (since they don't have any problem with shipping to the Philippines)... :)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/recommendations.

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