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Re: racoon2 IKEv1 is working!

On Jun 20,  9:00am, (Chuck Zmudzinski) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: racoon2 IKEv1 is working!

| I plan on creating a TODO file for the racoon2 package today


| Better diagnostics would be helpful. I bumped the value of 
| kmp_sa_lifetime_time up to 28800 sec (8 hours) in the default.conf file 
| which is the default setting Windows 10 uses and that worked with 
| Windows 10.

I have the code. I will apply it once there is a repo for it.

| Yes.

I still need to figure out what's the best model for shared development,
but I want to have just the racoon2 tree, and perhaps some NetBSD build
glue around it (or in a separate repo, or in the NetBSD proper), but not
having to make patches for each change (for pkgsrc).

| I will do some testing today to see exactly what is needed here and will 
| share patches that work in my environment.


| If you want I can open a free github account (I don't have one and maybe
| this is a good time for me to open one so we can share our work there).
| What is the best way? Make a git repo out of the pkgsrc/security/racoon2
| directory without the work directory, or with the work directory, or just
| the work directory without the pkgsrc/security/racoon2 directory?

I think I will import just the original source in a git repo on github,
then apply my patches and go from there. Alternatively I can host cvs,
git, mercurial, whatever in one of my servers and give you an account there
if nobody else is going to work on this, but I am guessing that the github
hosted version is better.



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