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Re: Build failing after recent vadvise changes

On Dec 26,  8:43pm, (Tom Ivar Helbekkmo) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Build failing after recent vadvise changes

| Christos Zoulas <> writes:
| > You need to make cleandir in libc and rebuild.
| I thought that was what a full build without "-u" did, but it obviously
| isn't.  What I've now done is physically remove everything in the obj
| directories under libc, and start a new build.  (The "vadvise.S" files
| were left, even after the cleandir pass of the build, so I guess they
| were no longer supposed to be used after the change, but still picked up
| in production rules by make?)

That's right, and the dependencies files point to them. Remember you
need to to this both in the regular libc and compat.


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