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Re: Autoexpand of root file system after image copy - need something better

Seems like a simple solution would be to expand it to the size of the
partition, or if there's no partition maybe ask.  So you use your
fdisk or gparted or whatever first if you know you want other things
in part of the space.  Then have the expansion respect the partition
size.  OpenBSD setup asks early on if you want to use the whole medium
space.  Same idea, this is when creating a disklabel I think.  It also
simplifies replacing the contents of a partition with part of another
operation system for instance.

On 12/25/17, matthew sporleder <> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 22, 2017 at 4:14 PM, Thomas Goldthorpe <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> Chuck Silvers suggested to send to port-arm and current-users for this:
>> I may or may not stand alone on this, but, the autoexpand of the root
>> file
>> system to full flash size that is in the images (i'm thinking the PI, but
>> others too), is detrimental and a pain to work around.  I find it very
>> rare
>> I ever want the root filesystem to be the full size of the flash.
>> Larger,
>> yes, but, not that much.
>> Is there any reason that this can't instead be done such that it asks how
>> much to expand it to, only the first boot, rather than just expanding it?
>> If doing something attached to the console during boot is too much of an
>> issue, then perhaps a script that the user can run if they so desire,
>> along
>> with a boot time message saying they can do so if they want.  An option
>> to
>> the user could then be max-size for those who want to do so, otherwise
>> just
>> enter the size you want into the script input.  The workaround is time
>> consuming:  take flash to machine with fat support, change boot to -s,
>> back
>> to evb and boot, edit out resize, mount fat and remove -s, reboot...
>> There
>> must be a better way.
>> Just asking.
>> Thank you
>> Tom
> Seems easy to add to boot.cfg or if you interrupt the boot and take a
> param, but I think expanding is smart since (most?) first boots are
> non-interactive?

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