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Autoexpand of root file system after image copy - need something better

Hi Folks,

Chuck Silvers suggested to send to port-arm and current-users for this:

I may or may not stand alone on this, but, the autoexpand of the root file system to full flash size that is in the images (i'm thinking the PI, but others too), is detrimental and a pain to work around.  I find it very rare I ever want the root filesystem to be the full size of the flash.  Larger, yes, but, not that much.

Is there any reason that this can't instead be done such that it asks how much to expand it to, only the first boot, rather than just expanding it?  If doing something attached to the console during boot is too much of an issue, then perhaps a script that the user can run if they so desire, along with a boot time message saying they can do so if they want.  An option to the user could then be max-size for those who want to do so, otherwise just enter the size you want into the script input.  The workaround is time consuming:  take flash to machine with fat support, change boot to -s, back to evb and boot, edit out resize, mount fat and remove -s, reboot...  There must be a better way.

Just asking.

Thank you


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