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Re: Networking issues with NetBSD-8 on Supermicro with X8DTU board?

On Thu, 30 Nov 2017, at 12:43:38 -0800, Brian Buhrow wrote:
>hello.  I'm trying to run the latest NetBSD-8 code on a Supermicro
>board, but I can't get the wm(4) network cards to work.  The dmesg is
>below.  NetBSD-5.2, using my production sources works just fine.  It
>like an interrupt routing issue to me, but I don't understand enough
>how interrupts work in NetBSD-8 yet to know what to focus on  to narrow
>problem down.  Can someone look at the two dmesg outputs, one from
>NetBSD-8, the other from NetBSD-5.2 and make suggestions as to what to
>to figure out what's going wrong?  The NetBSD-8 sources are CVS'd from

From a quick look at your dmesg, it seems this is related to the
following PR and discussion:

Discussion beginning with



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