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Re: Remove fortune quotes attributed to or providing admiration of Adolf Hitler [pr bin/52735]

From: Jaromír Doleček
I very strongly object to against anything appeasing any SJW or PC trolls, and I'm against removing those quotes.
Took this thread long enough to play "those evul Ess Jay DoubleUs" card. Good hint that I can ignore the rest, but in any case. Any time I see someone use "SJW", which has completely lost its original meaning, I substitute with: "Nobody would be willing to make accommodations for me if I were truly hurt or offended by something, so why should I make accommodations for others?" Ditto with the person who _very_ helpfully told Maya to "grow some balls".

History needs to be remembered, and learnt from. Facts need to be told and faced.
Great, do it in a freakin museum or a history textbook, not within the data files of a Unix program.

It is a great threat to our modern society that certain groups of people today are so intent on silencing dissent or unconfortable voices.
People don't live in a vacuum. Having good technical or orator skills does not insulate someone from criticism for abhorrent views. And Hitler's actions in life especially cannot be written off as a difference in opinion, dissent, or otherwise up for debate. The implications of his quotes matter. And if you agree w/ that, see previous paragraph.

William D. Jones

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