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Running NetBSD in Google Cloud?

It appears with the current rolling Amazon reboot, PV NetBSD instances
may fail to restart, and may not be restartable unless either Amazon
changes their Xen settings to allow "linear" mappings by guests, or
someone steps up to extensively rototill our x86 pmap (or separates
the Xen pmap from it) to not use such mappings.

That leaves me with stuff I've got to move elsewhere, including stuff
I was actually still working to move _to_ EC2 from physical machines.

Some will go to Panix, but for things like nameservers I prefer to have
two separate providers.  As I understand it it should currently be possible
to run NetBSD VMs in Google Cloud, since they are roughly KVM/QEMU and we
support the various virtio devices they provide.  Can anyone offer step
by step instructions for doing so?

Azure looks a little harder.

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