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Re: audioctl vs. mixerctl?


>I found that I could use a command like

>$ mixerctl -w outputs.master=100,100

>and it does change the volume.  Is this expected?

This is expected as the audioctl play.gain field only effects the volume of that 
particular stream - It was changed due to the introduction of in kernel audio 

However /dev/sound will keep the previous values on next open so if you issue:

audioctl -d /dev/sound -w play.gain=100

The volume for the stream will be set to 100 and this value will be used on 
next open of /dev/sound.

Alternatively if you have one stream playing you can set its volume with 

mixerctl -w vchan.dac0=100


audioctl -p 1 -w play.gain=100

These settings will only effect the stream volume - To set the overall hardware 
volume:  mixerctl -w outputs.master should be used.

Best regards,


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