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Re: NetBSD with a gaming keyboard

On Wed, 09 Aug 2017 16:08:55 +0200, Christian Baer
<> wrote:

> I installed NetBSD on Tuesday evening, which wasn't quite as painless
> as I had hoped. My main problem currently is with my keyboard. For
> years I had an IBM Model-M, which I loved and never wanted to give
> up. An new computer forced me to give it up though because the new
> MoBo doesn't have a PS/2 port. :-/ I'm not *that* much into gaming,

Like you, I came to know the wonder that is the Model M keyboard, albeit
rather later than others.  I can't imagine using anything else.

Usually, hard-core gamers demand PS/2 keyboard ports because USB keyboards
are not responsive enough for "twitch" gaming.  Thats why a number of
main boards retain PS/2 keyboard ports.

USB->PS/2 adapters are hit-or-miss (mostly "miss").

Unicomp makes keyboards with the classic Model-M "buckling spring"
keyswitch design and offer native USB versions of these keyboards.

Also, some modern PS/2-equipped main boards probe for the keyboard too
soon for an original Model M to be ready and respond.  The new-production
PS/2 Model M powers up quickly enough to satisfy these boards.

Check out "" and look under Unicomp Keyboards for the
"Classic".  They are a bit pricy, but I think worth it for a piece of
equipment you must touch to use.

I have no affiliation with Unicomp other than that of a very satisified
customer of their keyboards.

Now, if only USB keyboards would work on x86 in "userconf" and "boot -a".

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