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Re: NetBSD with a gaming keyboard

On Wed, 9 Aug 2017, Christian Baer wrote:
ZFS seemed like the better (and easier) solution for me at the time.

ZFS seems more simple to me, too. However, RAIDframe is stable and usable, too.

I had hoped. My main problem currently is with my keyboard.

For years I had an IBM Model-M, which I loved and never wanted to give up. An new computer forced me to give it up though because the new MoBo doesn't have a PS/2 port. :-/

Use a USB to PS/2 converter dongle. They are cheap and available all over the place. They also usually function as PS/2 repeater, so you can plug and unplug the thing at will or use it on a PS/2 KVM.

I'm a keyboard nut and I have multiple IBM models, including the M.

A message I get while booting up is: ukbd1: attrach failed, too many modifier keys

Whoa. That's a new one on me. Usually you can use usbhidctl and usbhidaction to program those keys (though I've had problems with usbhidaction lately). Still, at worst, the keyboards mostly still work.

If it were me I'd hunt down that message in the kernel code and try to find out what the error condition was when it's thrown. Also, what prevents you from running it in BIOS mode? I find UEFI annoying even if it is "the future". Does it give you some advantage?


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