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Panic in radeon/drm/linux_idr (netbsd-8)

NetBSD 8.0_BETA NetBSD 8.0_BETA (GENERIC) #15: Fri Jul 21 02:27:38 EDT 2017 amd64

# crash -N netbsd.2 -M netbsd.2.core
Crash version 8.0_BETA, image version 8.0_BETA.
System panicked: trap
Backtrace from time of crash is available.
crash> bt
vpanic() at vpanic+0x149
snprintf() at snprintf
startlwp() at startlwp
calltrap() at calltrap+0x11
linux_idr_preload_end() at linux_idr_preload_end+0xeb
drm_gem_handle_create_tail() at drm_gem_handle_create_tail+0x88
radeon_gem_create_ioctl() at radeon_gem_create_ioctl+0x98
drm_ioctl() at drm_ioctl+0xfd
sys_ioctl() at sys_ioctl+0x101
syscall() at syscall+0x1bc
--- syscall (number 54) ---

   I have reverted some changes to get audio working again, but
otherwise this is netbsd-8 branch from the end of last week.

				Gary Duzan

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