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Re: HEADS-UP: /bin/sh memory management bug fixes committed

On Jun 17, 2017 18:01, "Roy Marples" <> wrote:
On 18/06/2017 00:22, Robert Elz wrote:
     Date:        Sat, 17 Jun 2017 14:09:02 -0700
     From:        Alistair Crooks <>
     Message-ID:  <>

   | I just wanted to say a big thanks for looking after our shell;

Thanks for that, but generic appreciation isn't needed


One of the main driving reasons I do what I do is because of the apprecation of the few that have taken the time to write me thanks.

I treasure this more than a bug report or a patch, because someone out there believes I'm Doing The Right Thing.

So let me add my thanks as well.


I'm grateful for this work, and indeed inspired (ditto Roy, Alistair).

I've filed bug reports too, but also know it's "just appreciated", as well.




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