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Re: NetBSD-current amd64 with dhcpcd connects only partially

On 13/06/2017 01:34, Thomas Mueller wrote:
On my latest NetBSD-current amd64 installation, from the small hours June 11, I get mixed results with re(4) driver and wonder if there is any dhcpcd tweak that will help.

On motherboard MSI Z68MA-ED55(B3), Realtek 8111E/8168 Ethernet chip, "dhcpcd re0" connects OK, local network and outside.

On motherboard MSI Z77 MPOWER, closely related Realtek Ethernet chip, "dhcpcd re0" only succeeded partially.

I was surprised, after "host" failed to find IP address of that server, I was apparently able to connect on local LAN.

Router is at
showmount -e and showmount -e worked properly, great surprise: intranet but no Internet.

My question is what, if anything, I can do through dhcpcd special options or dhcpcd.conf to be able to see the Internet and not merely the local intranet.

I looked through /etc/dhcpcd.conf and "man dhcpcd" but couldn't see what to do.

assuming both hosts are on the same network, do both hosts have matching netstat -nrf inet4 output and resolv.conf files?


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