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Re: upgrade to 8.99.1 - dhcpcd woe

Hi Iain

On 06/06/17 21:28, Iain Hibbert wrote:

Upgrading to 8.99.1 (from 7.99.52) on my laptop .. network didn't work;
what was strange that I was being set up on 10.*.*.* and never had before.
Firefox started complaining that I might need to login but no pages would

It turns out that /libexec/dhcpcd-hooks/10-wpa_supplicant is marked as
obsolete in the set lists; this means that postinstall will remove it,
which is clearly wrong because *I* copied it there from the examples
folder as I need it (otherwise dhcpcd connects to the nearest open
network, which I don't want as it won't work for me)

I'll let the people who bitched to me about removing it come up with a solution to that problem. I'm sunning myself on holiday and I don't have the grey matter for serious though right now.
But it's probably not needed, see below.

I don't know how best to fix that.. clearly its at cross-purposes?

Look into the wpa_supplicant interface matching support documented in wpa_supplicant(8).

wpa_supplicant_flags="-M -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf"


wpa_supplicant_flags="-M -i iwn* -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf"


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