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Re: dk wedges vs netbsd -current

On Apr 1, 11:18pm, Geoff Wing wrote:
} On Saturday 2017-04-01 12:54 +0000, output:
} :No need to scan for disklabels if the kernel already uses the disklabel.
} :But this has nothing to do with "adding bootloaders". I can only imagine
} :that you want to add boot managers in UEFI style, which is something
} :that your old i386 system doesn't support.
} I believe I have misrepresented GPT and DK stuff earlier.  I've been fighting
} with them because of lack of space with GPT/old-MBR and other "in-use/busy"
} stuff.
} With a fresh 7.1 I have wd[0-9] (and /etc/fstab entries for them) (on i386).

     How old is this system?  What is the partition type of the
NetBSD partition?  Can you show the output of "fdisk wd0"?

}-- End of excerpt from Geoff Wing

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