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Error/warning message from rc.d/npf

I've got the following in my /etc/npf.conf (taken from the blacklistd man page):

	# Transparent firewall example for blacklistd

	$ext_if = { wm0, tun0 }

	set bpf.jit on;
	alg "icmp"

	group "external" on $ext_if {
		ruleset "blacklistd"
		pass final all

	group default {
		pass final all

During system startup I'm getting the following message (as logged in /var/run/rc.log):

	[running /etc/rc.d/npf]
	Enabling NPF.
	/etc/npf.conf:8:27: variable 'ext_if' type 'identifier' has 2 elements near '$ext_if'

See PR kern/51818 for more details - it seems that the second "element" in $ext_if is ignored, and the ruleset is applied only to the first "element".

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