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Re: PulseAudio and OSS audio of recent NetBSD-current

On Mar 12, 2017 07:45, "Tom Ivar Helbekkmo" <> wrote:
Johnny Billquist <> writes:

>> ...and *man*, I'd forgotten how much 16-bit audio sucks.  :)
> I guess that means you detest CDs like nothing else. :-)

Yup.  Compared, side-by-side, to a good vinyl recording, a CD sucks.

(Reply all, this time)

For sake of discussion, I'll just leave this here: (note there are references to two talks. I think the most interesting one is the second).

Additional: YouTube link to second talk -


But you've got a point.  Falling back to OSS gives horrible sound
quality from (lossless) rips of CDs, which are, as you say, 16 bit to
begin with.  So what's the big difference from Pulse, then?

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