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Re: PulseAudio and OSS audio of recent NetBSD-current

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <> writes:

> After the latest upgrade (from 7.99.59 to 7.99.64), it stopped working
> for me, as well.  I've gone back to using OSS directly instead.  :)

Just to add some detail: I was using pulseaudio (mostly from Firefox and
Audacious), and could no longer get any sound out of the workstation.
After fiddling with it for a while, I tried to make it use a USB sound
"card" instead of the built-in one, but that just hung up my USB with a
"ehci_sync_hc: timed out" message, forcing me to reboot.  No keyboard
or mouse is kind of bothersome on a workstation.  ;)

I'm now running my sound sources configured to use JACK (I was already
running jackd to route MIDI between synths) with its OSS backend, which
works.  However, if I accidentally run something else that also wants to
use OSS directly, I have to reboot the workstation to get sound again.

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