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Re: panic enabling ipfilter (Dec 27)

In article <>,
Geoff Wing  <> wrote:
>with -current today, when I "/etc/rc.d/ipfilter start" on amd64 it panics in
>pfil_add_hook(pfil_func_t func, void *arg, int flags, pfil_head_t *ph)
>        KASSERT((flags & ~PFIL_ALL) == 0);
>Unfortunately my machine is mostly headless and I can't get dmesg saved
>after reboot.
>I have it on another machine which normally does keep some dmesg though
>nothing saved with this:
>	ddb.onpanic=1
>	ddb.commandonenter=bt;reboot
>Is "bt;sync" better?
>I'll try to get more info if noone can reproduce.

Should be fixed now. Usually getting a backtrace is more useful.


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