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Re: strange observations on network configuration (ifconfig&routing)


I did try that efore an verified it again. Now routed attempts to install a local route
for the lo0 interface and fill the log with the EEXIST messages.

That's why I went for LLDATA in order to avoid to analyse routed's inner workings completely.
Maybe we need a different test for ignoring kernel routing messages.

Here is he error message from the log:
2016-12-12T09:08:06.522364+01:00 pip routed 10002 - - write(rt_sock) RTM_ADD --> metric=0 flags=0: File exists

Here is the trace for the failed route insert attempt:
Tracing actions started
Tracing packets started
Tracing packet contents started
Tracing kernel changes started
Add interface lo0      --> <LOOPBACK> <PASSIVE>
Add interface wm1     --> <RIPV2>
turn on RIP
Add   -->       metric=0  wm1 <IF>
Add    -->        metric=0  lo0 <IF>
Send mcast RIPv2 REQUEST to via wm1
write(rt_sock) RTM_ADD --> metric=0 flags=0: File exists
-- 09:08:06 --

The other part of of the path (not deleting loopback routes for local adresses) works.

On 12/12/16 01:36, Ryota Ozaki wrote:

Thank you for the investigation.

On Sun, Dec 11, 2016 at 9:08 PM, Frank Kardel <> wrote:
Hi !

Reverting that change (1.24->1.25)  and using RTF_LLDATA instead of
RTF_LLINFO seems to solve the problem.
Is this correct or am I overlooking something?
Local routes aren't actually link-layer routes; RTF_LLDATA remain in them
for backward compatibility, IIRC. So as you said if old routed works on
a new kernel, I think it is good to fix routed as I proposed in my earlier

Could you try the patch?


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