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Re: Kernel faults, wapbl updates

In article <>,
Jaromír DoleÄ ek  <> wrote:
>If you can get just a short traceback (which particular wapbl
>function(s) for example), it would help to figure possible problem.
>The changes to vfs_wapbl.c were fairly minor so far. I would
>understand new panics, but it would be strange if they caused faults.
>Maybe if you can try to downgrade ufs/ffs/ffs_alloc.c before rev.
>1.152. It's possible there is some interaction with wapbl which might
>cause troubles there.
>Keep me on CC please, I'm working currently on WAPBL and planning some
>further changes, so I'll fix any regressions asap.

Just back the all of yesterdays commit out. Just building with -j 8
and LOCKDEBUG spins out. It trashes the filesystem and then it gets
another error about not fixing an inode while replaying the log on
reboot. I.e. the new kernel not only holds a spinlock and crashes,
but also does not replay the log properly on boot.


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