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WANTED: nvme(4) driver testing on MP systems on -current


NVMe driver in NetBSD-current was recently tweaked to fix several MP and locking
issues, and the driver is now marked as MPSAFE by default.

Most of this work was done on emulators since I lack the the hardware,
so it's not clear if
everything would work properly on real systems too.

Anyone having the hardware, I'd appreciate if you could check the
driver out, and try
to punish the drive by some heavy I/O test with parallel load if
possible, and report

The driver should work on i386 and amd64, and is enabled in
INSTALL/GENERIC kernels there,
so you could just try to boot install iso from NetBSD daily builds,
and send-pr any

I'd also especially welcome if someone with sparc64 system could test
the driver out, too.
The driver originates from OpenBSD where nvme(4) is enabled in GENERIC sparc64
kernel, so it should work. But it was not confirmed yet on
NetBSD/sparc64. Note you might
need fairly modern system, at least some Intel NVMe cards require PCIe
Generation 3 to
actually work, so this rules out e.g. T1s.

I'd also very welcome any benchmark results, it would be very
interesting to share some
IOPS figures.

Let me know the results, I'd like to update driver manpage to list
known working hardware.

In any reports, please include the attachment fragment from dmesg, as there
is quite significant different between attachment via apic/INTx and MSI/MSI-X.
Also useful would be intrctl(8) output, to confirm interrupt handlers
are dispatched
properly to individual available CPUs.

Thank you.


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