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Re: gmake segfaults with netbsd32 compat

I am using 7.99.36 though.

I've had a lot of trouble installing fonts/fontforge specifically, so I
experimented with it, deleting work/.install_done when I got through
instlal by mistake, to save on build time.

with help debugging, I found that it will not occur if
security.pax.aslr.flags=0x1 (disables PAX_ASLR_STACK).

then used flags=0x1e to reduce the noise (flags which do not cause it)
and turned on debug to see the values used before segfault occurs.

then flags=0x3e and setting fixed rand value as before the segfault also
causes segfault.

I see if I set the last two numbers to anything but 0x ... 00 it will
segfault (e.g. security.pax.aslr.rand=0x00000001 and flags=0x3e).

I'm not sure how anything got through with these odds.

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