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adding software to base

On Mon, 22 Aug 2016, Robert Elz wrote:

>   | | Please describe how nsd has a "tighter integration" or (i assume 
>   | | better?) "out of the box usability" when in -base vs pkgsrc.
> Aside from what Christos said, anything in base can be installed from
> a (downloaded and burned) CD/DVD and work without any kind of network
> connection.
> In this context, that's particularly relevant if you're setting up a
> DNS zone signing system - one of those wants to be 100% isolated from
> the Internet (from day 1) (unless you have one of the fancy, costly,
> hadware, signing boxes) so that the safety of the key used is ensured
> (particularly relevant if you're running one of the upper level domains.)
> Of course, it is possible to get everything needed, and burn it on extra
> CDs (or USB sticks) and install it that way - but that's not nearly as
> tightly integrated (nor nearly as well tested.)

Just as note here: there is a way to build/install some external software 
in with a release by adding a reachover build into extsrc/ and setting 
MKEXTSRC=yes - I assume that this functionality was added because somebody 
uses it to create a funtional system for their own purpose.

It would be nice if one could have some packages pre-installed in the 
release but I don't think anybody ever worked on that.


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