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Re: MKMAN issue breaking build

In article <20160825113750.0fbde93b@imp>,
D'Arcy J.M. Cain <> wrote:
>I am not sure why no one has noticed this yet but I cannot build
>-current or even 7.0_STABLE unless I apply the patch at the bottom of
>this message.  The issue is that the the two programs do not have man
>pages and so add "MKMAN = no" at the top of the Makefile.  Then it
>reads which usually sets it back to yes.  The patch simply
>moves the MKMAN line below the line.
>Can I commit?

I think that the correct fix is to define NOMAN instead in the Makefile.
the NO* variables are meant to be used internally to signify lack of support
for the specified feature, whereas the MK* vars are supposed to be defined
by the user in the commandline on in /etc/mk.conf. Unfortunately there are
bugs like this all over the place and the usage of the variables is not


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