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systems with -current wm(4) hang?

Recently, booting -current (7.99.29) on machines with wm(4) interfaces
will hang.

One machine hangs while updating fontconfig cache since it's the "first"
time booting since update.  If I catch it soon enough, I can abort it
with Ctrl-C.  If I don't, the machine hangs.  The terminal driver still
echoes characters, but Ctrl-C has no effect.  Another machine completes

On both machines (if the former has had '/etc/rc.d.fccache' aborted),
after a period of activity (usually compiling) they will hang.  SSH
sessions to them report "broken pipe".  The console echoes keystrokes,
but getty/login don't respond.

Both systems are diskless or semi-diskless (one has local disk for
swap, "/tmp", and another user filesystem).

Rebooting both with NetBSD-7.0_STABLE (again (semi-)diskless), both
have so far displayed no problems.

A third machine running -current diskless, but using ex(4) works fine.

All three are 32-bit/i386 machines.  I am in the process of trying
amd64-class machines with wm(4) (and non-wm(4)).

So far no machine has -current installed on disk so they only run it
as diskless clients.  I'll see about arranging for local disk installation
and testing of wm(4) and non-wm(4) interfaces.

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