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Re: bta2dpd - advanced audio distribution profile bluetooth daemon IMPROVED

On Fri, 4 Mar 2016, Nathanial Sloss wrote:

> I found in order for my phone to connect to bta2dpd as an audio sink I needed 
> the most recent version of sdpd(1) and had to set a pin code for my phone (see 
> btpin(1)) and had to start bta2dpd as a sink with -K before pairing.

how recent do you mean? I think the NetBSD-6, NetBSD-7 and 
NetBSD-current versions should all be the same in this regard..

also, you can normally use btpin to pair with the device directly before 
connecting to any services, eg

% btpin -a <device> -p 1234 -P

as because this asks for a secure connection, it should set that up before 
trying to connect to any service (it asks for Service Discovery, but if it 
didn't get it then should be no problem - the secure setup has been done)


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