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Re: bta2dpd - advanced audio distribution profile bluetooth daemon IMPROVED

On Fri, 4 Mar 2016, Nathanial Sloss wrote:
Call for testers of the next installment of bta2dpd.

Yay! Nice one. I'll test it out this week. It looks fun.

It allows you to stream music or pad(4) output to bluetooth stereo headphones or speakers using the advanced audio distribution profile (a2dp).

Ahhh, that's going to rock, quite literally. I've got a SoundBlaster BlasterAxx and a new set of Sony BT headphones. I'll try it with both.

NEW!!! bta2dpd can be used also as an audio sink, so you can stream music from your phone/computer etc. to a file or audioplay to hear it on your computer speakers. See below.

Hmm, does it have any noticeable delay? Ie.. could it be used to send output to a recording monitor without any significant delay (for live monitoring while playing music) ? If you don't know off hand, it's not big deal. I'll just try it.

I have a two mixers hooked up to my main NetBSD workstation (though I sometimes move them to an SGI workstation). One for input, one for output. I'd love to be able to add a high bitrate BT DAC on a channel for both sides (know of any good ones you like?).

To use this deamon requires 44100Hz stereo signed 16 bit little endian wav files or the pad(4) device.

Just like a CDDA converted to PCM WAV would be, right?

Most of the options change the way audio is encoded and are not necessary however if you have skipping audio or no audio try the following:

Does that buffering result in more jitter or delays? Again, I'll fiddle, but just curious about your experience.

What fun!  Great work.


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