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Re: Using sysinst to add additional distribution sets?

On Fri, Feb 5, 2016, at 07:09, Paul Goyette wrote:
> I've previously done a minimal install, and now I want to add the 
> "man.tgz" distribution set.  This is on a qemu virtual system, so I 
> simply used vndconfig to access the "system disk" and copied man.tgz 
> onto it.
> I then booted the target VM, and ran sysinst.  On the main menu, I 
> selected item "(c) Re-install sets or install additional sets" and on 
> the subsequent "Do you really want to ..." I answered Yes.  However, 
> even though NetBSD is running from a "virtual hard drive", sysinst 
> reports "I can not find any hard disks for use by NetBSD.  You will be 
> returned to the original menu."
> I get the same error if I select item "(b) Upgrade NetBSD on a hard 
> disk".
> Is this supposed to work?  If yes, what am I doing wrong?  (And if No, 
> how is one expected to add more sets after an initial install?)

It sounds like you were running sysinst on the system you wanted to fix,
not from some (virtual) install media.  I could imagine that causing a
problem: sysinst shouldn't be installing into its own (ramdisk)
filesystem, it should be preparing (or fixing) a NetBSD installation on
a target drive.  When I've used sysinst for repairs, I've run it from
the CD-ROM or usb key, not from the NetBSD system I wanted to fix.  I'm
not sure how to simulate that in an emulated environment though.

-- IDL

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