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Space requirements for CTF/Dtrace

In case anyone wondered how much space the recently on x86 + earm
enabled by default MKCTF + MKDTRACE needs:

I took an arbitrary example arm arch (evbearmv7hf-eb), and did a clean
build (no release, no sets, just the build including X) to get an idea
of $DESTDIR size differences (and, for fun, $OBJDIR as well), and the
result is:

702M    hosts/evbearmv7hf-eb-no-ctf
749M    hosts/evbearmv7hf-eb-with-ctf

for $OBJDIR:
1.6G    obj/evbearmv7hf-eb-no-ctf
1.7G    obj/evbearmv7hf-eb-with-ctf

So there is a space price we pay, but it is not *that* big.

Remember that this is a debugging facility mostly, so for final customer
device versions you probably want to remove it anyway (for example by
adding "-V MKDTRACE=no -V MKCTF=no" to the command line).


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