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Re: Help needed with a stubborn Gateway box!

On Fri, 27 Mar 2015, wrote:

=> On Fri, 27 Mar 2015, wrote:
=>>   You can always start with the NetBSD-{ver}-amd64-install.img.gz or
=>> NetBSD-{ver}-amd64-live-sd0root.img.gz image, which boot off USB fine.
=> Hmmm, I don't seem to find that file on nyftp's daily builds...

  They are a bit hidden. Instead of the {ver}/{arch} directory, look for
the {ver}/images directory. I see current install images for i386 and
amd64 in and
7.0_BETA ones in

Ah - I will have to go look.

. I don't know if the live images are up for ftp anywhere; I build mine
from source. It is a simple matter of " -U tools release
live-image" from a src tree, plus some patience. Add the "-x" flag if
you want to build xsrc, too, and I prefer the "-r" flag to start things
off clean.

Building from source is not an option - it's a chicken/egg thing! This is/will be my only usable NetBSD box. (I have another box, but it is a more appropriately used as a space heater - more than 300W due to dual-12-core AMD processors and multiple RAIDframe sets! - so not viable here in the Philippines for more than a few minutes of use.)

I actually managed to boot up the space heater for a short time, and copied its boot drive. Then I managed to install the grub2 package (along with dependencies). Rebooting on the space heater did indeed get me into grub2 (with a long list of boot options), and selecting the right kernel resulted in a successful boot. HOWEVER, when I moved that same hard drive to the Gateway box, it still does not recognize the drive as a valid bootable media. :(

It's beginning to look like I'll need to find a local components store (we don't have any Fry's Electronics here!) and start a new build from scratch.

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